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Superannuation Claims Lawyers in Perth

Your superannuation is normally claimed when you retire, however, in some special circumstances you can make a claim when you are unable to work due to an injury or illness.

A serious injury can be a difficult experience and feel very serious. A severe injury can have a severe impact on your life. If this were the case, we would consider you to have suffered a serious or life-altering injury.

If you’re wondering whether yours is a serious injury, the information below may help answer your concerns. You may have suffered a serious injury if:

  • You have ongoing treatment or undergone long treatment
  • Your injury has meant long or ongoing hospital visits
  • You’ve had to take a long period off from work

Money is never a full compensation for your awful experience, but it can help recover your life. If someone else was at fault, compensation may help cover expenses incurred by your injury, including:

  • Care and support given professionally or by family and friends
  • Loss of amenity, such as impact on recreational activities
  • If your performance at work were impacted by your injury
  • Any future handicap in obtaining new job opportunities
  • Welfare costs

It can be difficult to tell if your injury qualifies for No Win No Fee, If you have any concerns, our friendly and trained legal advisors are ready to listen to your experience. Call 1300 106 107 for no obligation advice, or fill out the form for a callback.

We Can Help With A Serious Injury Claim

Suffering through a serious injury can be an emotionally and physically traumatic experience. We may not fully understand how you feel or what you’ve experienced, but we do have 20 years’ experience in helping people like you make claims.

We can help you claim compensation not just for the initial disruptions to your life, but for the impact on your future and your family. We believe you and your family should have financial and emotional support following this kind of experience.

When you contact us, we’ll ask you for some questions about your injury and accident. We know it may be awkward to discuss the issue, but this information will help us understand how best to help you.

During your call, it’s handy to have the following information:

  • Medical treatment needed and the dates you received it
  • Any time you’ve taken off from work
  • Any adjustments you’ve had to make to your daily life

We will also ask about any impact your injury has had on your family. When your solicitor negotiates your compensation, they consider the costs incurred by your family as well as your needs. This includes:

  • Any care given because of your accident (even if the care was free)
  • Mileage accumulated helping you with transport
  • Time they’ve taken off from work to help you

If when you call we think we can help you secure compensation, we’ll ask permission to pass on your contact details to one of our specialist solicitors. If you say yes, you’ll take the next step toward compensation and we’ll act immediately.

Claiming On Behalf Of Another

You may need to contact us because a family member or friend has suffered a life-changing serious injury – we can help here too.

A serious injury can leave the sufferer unable to make decisions and dependent on others. If you need advice about making a claim on behalf of another, call us for free no obligation advice on 1300 106 107, or fill out the form for a callback.

Alternatively, visit our page for making a no win no loss claim or enquiry on behalf of someone else, or visit or FAQ page.

Immediate Needs Assessment

We understand that anybody who suffers a serious injury will have immediate needs – from getting home to hospital to counselling, when you’re put in touch with a specialist solicitor, they can work with the relevant people to your situation to develop a program to assist your recovery.

If possible, our solicitor will arrange an interim payment before the final compensation settlement This may help improve your situation or that of your loved ones, beginning the road to recovery.

What Are Immediate Needs?

When carrying out an immediate needs assessment, your assessor will be trying to lessen the negative impact your injury has had in various areas.

Rehabilitation, Treatment And Care
We want you to recover fully and get back to your life. Your assessor will look at rehabilitation and care needs in the time following your accident and the final settlement. If you need full-time care or specialist treatment, this will be considered in the recommendations.

Aids And Equipment It may be that you will require a wheelchair, mobility scooter, or specialist equipment in your home. An assessor will consider each aspect of your life and how your injury may affect it.

Home And Transport With most serious injuries, it may be some time before you reach full mobility. If you’re unable to walk, you may require a ramp, bathroom or temporary
bedroom in your home. You shouldn’t have to wait for your final settlement to have these needs met so we will do all we can to ensure you have what you need to live a full life.

If you have questions about an immediate needs assessment, call us free on 1300 106 107

Types Of Serious Injury

We recommend calling us if you believe you’ve suffered a serious injury. We’ll be able to tell you if you have a serious injury claim and find the right solicitor for your case.

Serious injuries each have a different impact on our lives, so there is no clear example of what constitutes a serious injury. If you’ve experienced any of the injuries listed below, it’s like you have a serious injury.

  • Head and brain injury
  • Spinal or back injury
  • A broken bone or fractures
  • Loss of sight (temporary, partial or permanent)
  • Amputation or loss of limb
  • Burns
  • Multiple injuries
  • Paralysis (temporary, partial or permanent)

We’ve worked with hundreds of people who’ve suffered injuries from accidents that were not their fault. You may have had a motor vehicle or cycling accident that has required prolonged medical treatment, or suffered an accident at work that meant you couldn’t continue working. If the accident wasn’t your fault and occurred within the last three years, we can help you. For more information on how we can help you or someone close to you, contact us free on 1300 106 107

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