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Slips and fall claims – claiming for accidents or negligence

Slips, trips, falls, and similar injuries can take place in outdoor or even large indoor locations.

Slips and trips fall under “public liability” claims. Public liability owes much to the owner or occupier of the place you were injured and if they secured the premises from hazards.

Slips and trips can occur almost anywhere. You could fall victim to a slip or trip in and around:

Your lawyer at Lawyers Direct Personal Injury is here to help. We can figure out your eligibility for claiming compensation if you sustained an injury in a public setting.

Our specialists can make a quick determination over the phone, and listen to your story.

Our personal injury specialists will inform you of your rights and eligibility for a claim, and whether it can be counted as a “no win, no fee” claim. There’s no obligation to claim.

Claiming for public liability and injuries

People claim compensation to get their life back on track due to missed work, painful recovery, or a combination of both. Financial compensation can only ever go so far in terms of truly compensating an individual but it can enable an injured person to focus on their recovery.

An injury, whether sustained in a public place or anywhere else, can have serious implications for the injured person and their loved ones. Our specialist public liability lawyers can claim on your behalf for:

To find out more, or to get impartial advice call us today on ??? or request a callback from one of our specialist advisors.

Preparing for a public injury claim

If the owner of the public property has admitted fault, this helps your case. If the owner or responsible party disputes your assertion, this will be more difficult to fight in court.

A specialist personal injury lawyer can help you with all the documentation and evidence required to build a case. Before you claim, you should:

After your accident, you may require ongoing medical treatment like physiotherapy. This can put a strain on your finances.

To find out if you have a case or not, call our specialists on ??? so you can tell your story. There’s no obligation to proceed – we’re here to listen and empathise with what you’re going through.

You may be eligible for a “no win, no fee” compensation claim – your lawyer will advise you of your eligibility before proceeding.

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