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Hand Injury Claims for Compensation

Regardless of how your hand injury came about, if something feels wrong about the accident which caused them, we can help you get the compensation you deserve. Whether you suffered your hand injury as a result of an MVA like a Car Crash, through the negligence of a medical practitioner or from a Workplace Incident, we’re here for you.

Suffering an injury to the hand can be a life-changing experience. The simplest everyday tasks suddenly become difficult. In some cases, the physical damage to your hand may be permanent or have serious complications.

It’s very likely for many Australians to be left dependent on others to help them function from day to day, and this could also affect those that are helping you. Compensation could help cover various things from a loss of earnings to reimbursing those that have helped care for you, even if they did it freely.

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Causes Of Hand Injuries

Negligent behaviour, trips, falls, motor and bicycle accidents are often the main cause for injuries to the hands because of our natural instinct to put them out to stop or break our fall. The impact can cause damage to muscles, ligaments and tendons.

At work, hand injuries can be caused when you haven’t been provided with the correct protective equipment. Injuries at work might include, crushes, burns, and chemical injuries. All employers have a legal responsibility to ensure their employees are kept safe, following strict legal health and safety procedures. If they’ve put you at risk, Lawyers Direct could help you make a claim to assist you with your recovery.

Begin Your Claim

As we use our hands every day, an injury to them can be both frustrating and inconvenient, likely meaning you’ve had to take time off work and rely on others for the most basic of tasks. As well as the physical pain, you could be impacted both financially and socially. We can help with that.

Call our helpful and friendly advisors free 1300 106 107 for free. We’ll listen to your story with compassion and let you know whether we think you have a claim. If you decide to go ahead, you’ll be put in touch with a no win no lose lawyer who will answer any questions you have and do all the communication with the party at fault for you.