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Fatal Accidents – claiming and compensation for dependents

At Lawyers Direct, if you’ve lost a loved one as a result of a no-fault accident, we can help you get the compensation on their behalf. Some of the most common causes of fatal accidents can include, but are not limited to:

Losing a beloved family member due to the negligence of another is a traumatic experience.

If a partner or spouse has passed away in a fatal accident, this represents, at its most pragmatic, a loss of income. Amid the grief and trauma of losing such a beloved partner, you can also find yourself in financial strife.

Legal fees may also arise due to probate and complications, such as your current dwelling having no clear beneficiary in a will.

Losing a child also causes considerable financial strain. Costs such as hospital bills, funerals and other services can add up quickly.

Lawyers Direct are the experts in helping you file a compensation claim when confronted with a fatal injury.

You can talk to one of our advisors for free on 1300 106 107  whenever you feel ready to talk about your experience. We can also advise you if your claim qualifies for no win, no fee.

We’ve helped many people in situations similar to yours, so we have the experience to lend the right advice you need and the support you deserve.

Not ready just yet? Leave us a message and we can contact you at a time more convenient for you.

How to claim on behalf of someone else

You can claim compensation on behalf of a loved one or friend in one of the following ways.

Victim Claim

You can claim compensation on behalf of a victim of a fatal accident.

If the deceased experienced financial difficulty at the time around their accident due to ongoing treatment or unemployment, you may be able to claim these losses back on their behalf.

You can also claim compensation on their behalf for any trauma or suffering incurred due to the accident.

Dependent’s Claim

A loved one may claim compensation if they relied on them for financial support.

Family members eligible to make a dependent’s claim are:

• Parent or guardian
• A child
• Husband or wife
• Aunt or uncle
• Grandchild
• Grandparent
• Brother or sister
• Child of brother, sister, aunt or uncle
• Ex-husband or wife
• a couple living together for a minimum of 2 years – de facto couple

For expert and compassionate advice, call us free on 1300 106 107 or use our online form. We answer all your questions and talk through the claims process in detail.

Common types of fatal accident

Many accidents can result in a fatality. Accidents such as falls from a large height, worksite accidents, and equipment failures are also a leading cause of death.

Medical negligence is also a leading cause of death, and preventable. Deaths, as a result, are often eligible for compensation. If you believe a doctor was negligent in treating your loved one, we can help.

Claiming for a fatal accident

We offer personalised and compassionate advice to anyone affected by a fatal injury. Whether you’re looking for advice about your experience, or are prepared to begin a claim, Lawyers Direct i here to assist.

When you contact us, a legally trained specialist will handle your call. Our specialists are experienced in handling fatal accident cases similar to yours and understand how difficult discussing a loss of a loved one can feel.

We only need enough information to build your case. During the talk, your advisor will let you know whether you have grounds for a claim. We won’t pressure you into making a claim.

Call us on 1300 106 107 or click here to see if you are eligible for our no win no fee guarantee.

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