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Claiming for Office Accidents

Office blocks and buildings can be hazardous environments, even compared to industrial workplaces such as construction sites and factories. Office accidents can be more common and just as debilitating if you suffer an injury.

Spending your working day in the same office each week, it feels safe and comfortable, almost like you’re in your own him. If an an injury at work occurs, the mental shock can almost overwhelm you more than the physical pain.

You may feel like your injury was your own fault, but all employers have a government mandated ‘duty of care’ to make sure you and your colleagues are safe at work.

Your employer must follow strict Occupational Health & Safety rules. These rules include providing you with the correct training and equipment helping avoid injuries such as repetitive strain injury (RSI) or trips and slips.

If you’ve been injured at your office, you may be eligible to make a compensation claim. To find out if you can, get in touch with our no win no fee compensation lawyers on 1800 106 107 for a free consultation.

Office Accidents claims

Compensation Can Help With Your Recovery

Unfortunately, most types of office injuries prevent you from working. If you’re on reduced sick pay, or unpaid leave if you’ve run out of sick pay, you may have felt compelled to return to work while you were healing.

Your compensation claims for any lost earnings caused by your injury, as well as any other expenses such as medication, physiotherapy, travel costs and accommodation.

Your lawyer also factors in pain and suffering, the effects on your social life and hobbies, as well as any other impacts your injury has had on you and your family.

Making a compensation claim for an office injury you were not at fault for can help ease any financial pressure you may be under.

Claiming Against Your Employer

We know you may feel awkward claiming against an employer that you may have a rapport with. Don’t worry, your employer doesn’t pay for compensation directly.

All employers are required to take out ‘employer’s liability insurance’ to cover the costs of any claims made against them, so your compensation will be paid by an insurance company.

It’s also illegal for your employer to treat you differently because you claimed compensation. It’s against FairWork statutes to do so.

Making a claim for an accident at work can help to highlight safety issues in the workplace that they can then remedy. It will prevent the accident from happening to anyone else.

Types of Office Accidents

Although accidents in offices seem unlikely, a variety of hazards exist which can cause you to become injured.

Below are some common causes of accidents in the workplace. If your injury isn’t listed, don’t stress: It’s still likely we can help you.

Slips, trips and falls

Slips, trips, and falls happen due to clutter and hazards being present on the floor or stairwells and/or not being marked.

Your employer should keep the floor clear from tripping hazards and mark wet floors with a warning sign. The building you work in must also be up to code.

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

Repetitive strain injury is a chronic injury caused by repetitive movements causing pain in the muscles, nerves and tendons.

To avoid repetitive strain injury, your employer should make sure your workstation is ergonomic, or set up for long periods of work with relative comfort. This may include providing you with a comfortable chair or a standing desk, a working and adjustable monitor, as well as a keyboard and mouse that reduces RSI (such as a mechanical keyboard or vertical mouse.)

Faulty Equipment

Employers should make sure all equipment is maintained and safe for use, as faulty electrical equipment such as printers and computers can cause electric shocks. In many places in Australia, not testing and tagging equipment to identify such hazards is illegal.

Starting an Office Accident Claim

We know it can often be difficult to tell who is to blame for your office injury.

We realise that some injuries (such as repetitive strain injury) occur over a long period. You may not have realised you had an injury until recently.

The first step to making an office accident claim is to get in touch with our legally trained advisors for a no-obligation talk on 1800 106 107 They’ll be able to help you understand who was at fault for your injury, and can let you know whether they think you have a claim. They can also tell you if you can make a ‘no win-no fee’ claim.

They’ll also be pleased to answer any questions you may have confidentially.

As part of our promise to you, we’ll never push you into making a claim. We only pass your case on to our lawyers upon your express request.